The company of Fratelli RAU has a history and a family tradition starting back in 1926. Since that time three generations have succeeded to the driving seat, giving life to a modern company that today can count on the most advanced technology while proudly preserving its passion for genuineness and strict ties to their land.

In this land, the vineyards of Tenuta L’Ariosa are immersed in the unspoilt inland territory in Sardinia where stone and sea meet each other with the sweet whispers of the breezes that blow lightly over Sardinia. Only indigenous cultivars, grown on espaliers or saplings that have a rare intensity and complexity are used, in a unique land where the vineyards have always co-existed with Mediterranean scrub, olives and fruit trees.

An oenological journey inspired by the desire to explore the great potential of producing fine wines and for which the best techniques of cultivation and vinification are wisely employed.

A low yield per hectare, manual harvesting, rigorous controls of the bunches of grapes characterise the work in the vineyards; this is then followed by careful attention in the wine cellar with the later stages of pressing, fermentation and fining during which, for each wine,  rules and times determined by modern technology and ancient wisdom are respected.

This is the story of our land and this is the story of Tenuta L’Ariosa.